Homeowners ‘Springing’ into Action

Recent data by Realtor.com has shown that homeowners in Orange County and across the United States are now listing their homes and properties quicker than anytime in the last five years; this data is another confirmation that the average homeowner feels that the recession and recent Real Estate decline are now over.

Month-By-Month Improvement  orange county home seller, oc homebuyer

Thanks to the data from Realtor.com we know that new home listings have increased by over 1 percent, every month, since January.

More good news to report is that since being listed, the average home in Orange County has stayed on the Real Estate market for just 98 days with an average price of $189,900.

Steve Berkowitz, CEO of one of the nations top moving companies, Move, Inc., echoed the sentiments of many Orange County Realtors by saying that the realtor.com housing data shows an encouraging trend that a dramatic housing recovery is now officially underway across the United States and that more home listings now means that there will be more home inventory this spring in cities like Irvine, Tustin and across Orange County as a whole.

Good By Skepticism, Hello Action

Thanks to the Real Estate recovery we also know that one driving force in the recovery has been homebuyers who have been eager to “move up” or out after renting or living with friends & family
members for years.

Because of the increase in “move up” homebuyers and lower home inventory levels across California, which have decreased by almost 16 percent since 2011, Orange County homeowners who are eager to sell their homes have been jumping into the Real Estate market and selling their homes to move up or downsize while there are home buyers who are eager to get a piece of the Orange County Real Estate market.

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