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If you’re an Orange County home buyer right now, you know that the market is competitive, and many home buyers are losing the homes that they really wanted to buyers who submit all cash offers, especially for homes that are under $500,000.

Yes, it can be frustrating to lose a home to an all cash buyer but, the good news is that a home buyer that requires financing doesn’t have to lose hope of buying the home that they really want in Orange County if they follow these simple tips.

Create Your Must Have List

First is for buyers in Orange County, especially those who have FHA or conventional home loans, in today’s Real Estate market, is for them to define what are their “must haves” or things that they really want in a home and what are the “should haves”.

Must Haves Vs. Should Haves

The difference between a “must have” and a “should have” is that a must have is something that a home buyer wants in their home immediately when they first move in there; things like: laundry rooms, half baths and two car garages can be considered must have’s.

A good example of “should haves” are: granite counter tops, tile floors, open concept floor plan, kitchen island; all of these things can always be added to a home later after remodeling is done.

By determining what are the must haves and should haves a home buyer won’t get caught up with looking for the “perfect home” and miss out on potentially great homes that could have been theirs but they missed because they were looking for their ideal, perfect home.

Be A Home Searching Ninja

Ninja’s are some of the coolest characters in movies because they always are on the scene before anyone knows they are there. You can become a “home searching ninja” and have the jump on your competition by staying in regular contact with your Realtor, having the latest home listings automatically sent to your inbox before the competition knows what hit them, and frequently driving through the areas you want to move to, just so you can spot any for sale signs before your competitors do.

To learn more home buying tips that you can use to beat the cash buyers on the Real Estate market or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us for a free consultation at (949) 272-0125.

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