Single Family Rental Investments

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HomeUnion operates a full service marketplace where real estate investors can select and buy Cash Flow rentals from H
omeUnion Certified Property Providers. The rental investment properties are located in cash flow zones across the country. The rental investments with steady monthly income potential can help investors who are retired, planning for retirement, or wanting to diversify their portfolio.



Certified Property Providers

Certified Property Providers redevelop, sell and fully manage the Rental Investment Homes for the Real Estate investors as long as they own the properties.

Providers are certified on a number of rigorous criteria including past Real Estate investor references, financial strength, quality of redevelopment, background screening results and operations efficiency.


About HomeUnion


HomeUnion is part of Soma Enterprise, a $600M Global Infrastructure Development Company. The HomeUnion platform provides Real Estate investors unprecedented access to and assistance with the purchase of fully managed Cash Flow homes across the U.S. These properties generate stable monthly income for buyers in many different life stages with varying needs. For the first time, rental property buyers can become true Real Estate investors and not landlords.


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Cash Flow Zones

Cash Flow Zones have favorable rental to home price ratios, stable employment and a strong rental culture. HomeUnion does extensive research to identify these areas with strong fundamentals. certified_property

Matched to Personal Financial Requirements

HomeUnion Client Services coordinators will connect you with select Certified Property Providers whose Cash Flow Homes best fit your needs. Price, Cash Flow and purchase from Self-Directed IRA are among the criteria used to match the right provider or providers for you. Not only do you save time but also benefit from our extensive research on the markets and Cash Flow Homes available.

Assistance with Post Purchase Management and Monitoring

HomeUnion monitors and reports on the economy, employment and rental trends in the secure cash flow zones where properties are held. Clients also receive monthly consolidated reports that highlight income and expenses on all their properties.